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  1. Deandra says:

    Great article. Thank you. I did see in the Arduino forums that you are expicteng to update this yet again. Do you have a rough idea when an update might be out?

  2. Oooohhh well I love to hear that kind of comment….I usually hear so many of the other type. Good on you Steve you’ve obviously found your zone of productivity that works for you, and I agree when you’re in that zone, it never feels like work.Have an awesome day

  3. Here, I'm spending the weekend at my Mom's summer place in NC, getting ready for a blog tour, and starting to send out the Pickups and Pestilence beta. Mom's one of the beta reader, and had some useful feedback right out of the gate. Still, it's a little unnerving to know the person sitting across the room from you is reading your book at that moment…Headin' home tomorrow. Back to work on Tuesday, just in time for it to warm up again. :-/Nice job with the makeup & Photoshop'ing. I think you might be the best self-portraitist out there.

  4. some truly interesting details you have written.

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